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Why choose Delta Fire

We have 12 reasons to you choose Deltafire wireless detection and fire alarm system

1º. Inovation

Pioneer company in wireless alarm system at brazilian market

2º. Quick Instalation

Without depending on wires for communication and power suply, our projects are up to 20 times faster

3º. Final Touch

By not using wires, ducts and pipes, our projects do not interfere in the original finish and do not compromise a esthetics.


Much of the labor costs are eliminated.

5º. Scalability

It is not necessary to change the control panel to expand the system

6º. Management


Network status overview and report of the events occurred over a particularly period.

7º. Usability

Easily operable. Only 3 operating keys and illuminated LCD display

8º. Draft Project Simplified

Preliminary studies of distribution pipes, ducts and wires are not needed in the wireless system.

9º. Integration

Is possible to integrate devices that have dry contact to the system

10º. Security

Send alarm warning to:

-8 phone numbers simultaneously*

-Control panel

-Guardião and Terminal software*



11º. Maintance

Significant reduction in system maintenance costs.

12º. Life Cycle

Solid systems and longer life cycles than conventional systems.