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Delta Fire director receives commendation from RS Military Fire Department

Earlier this month, at the ceremony to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Rio Grande do Sul Military Fire Brigade, Waldir Minuscoli, one of Deltafire's directors, was awarded a commendation for the services rendered to the institution. On the occasion, Colonel César Eduardo Bonfanti, commander-general of the Fire Department, greeted Minuscoli.

In the market for 15 years, Deltafire is a manufacturer of fire prevention products from Rio Grande do Sul. Its innovative project, which does not require wired systems, offers creative solutions throughout the national territory. With more than five thousand customers, Deltafire values ​​simplification, fast and safe deadlines, lower maintenance costs, better finishing and greater systems longevity.

The medal granted by the Fire Department is a recognition of great importance for the history of the company, which encourages us to continue contributing to a safer society.