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Manual Fire Alarm to Fire Pump Activation


The Manual Fire Alarm Wireless IP4X is addressable and activates the steering valve (VGA), the communication and power are wireless. Power supply its 3V, consisting by 2 AA 1,5v battery and can operate in standby mode for approximately 24 months. In cases of activation the autonomy shortens life cycles. Accompanies a key to alarm deactivation.

Kind: wireless with push button

Alarm indicator: alarm indicator: red led

removal indication: yellow led

status indicator: green led

Shape: rectangular

Height: 38mm

Width / Length: 107 x 133mm

Degree of protection: IP40

Stand by consumption: 24uA - 72uW

Trip consumption: 3.88mA - 11.6mW

Consumption removed: 3.6mA - 10.8 mW

Working temperature: (-10 ° ~ 60 ° c)

Weight: 235g

Color: beige

Low battery threshold: when 62% of the battery (2.5V) remains

Standby battery life: 24 months (approx.)

Low battery threshold: when 83% of the battery is left (2.5v)

Generation: 3

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