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Siren Manual Fire Alarm 80db – Push Button – Visual signalization with internal LED


The Manual Fire Alarm is adressable and informs the central about the activation, possible malfunctions, equipment removal and low battery change, the communication is wireless. Power supply its 3V, consisting by 2 AA 1,5v battery and can operate in standby mode for approximately 24 months. In cases of activation the autonomy shortens life cycles. The trigger is compatible with all models and relays, routers and control panel Deltafire. The signalization indicates status, activation and removal, besides having strobe to emergency signalization. 

Kind: wireless with push button

Alarm Indicator: Status – activation with strobe and removal

Format: rectangular

Height: 38mm

Width/Length: 110 x 135mm

Lightness: 1 lux / 1m

Supply Voltage: 3v x 1,5ah - Standby durability 4 years

Standby power consumption: 40,47ua, power


Activation Power Consumption: 58,9ma, power


Removal Power Consumption: 3,15ma, power


Battery: 2 x aa 1,5v 1.5a

Power: 2,88w

Audio: 80db

Work Temperature: (-10°~60° c)

Frequency: 915mhz

Number of Channels: 43

Data Transmission Rate: 9.6kbps

Communication Protocol: Close

Cryptography: own

Modulation: fsk

Weight: 235g

Color: Red

Producer: Deltafire

Low Battery Threshold: when lefts 83% of battery (2,5v)

Battery Life (aprox.): 24 months

Generation: g3

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