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Manual Fire Alarm IP67


The Manual Fire Alarm IP67 is addressable and suitable for environments where protection against dust and water is required, the communication and power are wireless. Power supply its 3V, consisting by 2 AA 1,5v battery and can operate in standby mode for approximately 24 months. 

Kind: wireless with button

Alarm indicator: trip, battery low and removed

Led indicators: 3 transparent leds

green: status

orange: error

red: alarm

Shape: rectangular

Depth: 90mm

Height / width: 120 x 75mm

Material: housing: abs red pigment

lid: smoked pigment polycarbonate

Degree of protection: IP67

Assay: IPX No. 0014/2016

NBR ISO / IEC 17025 CRL0075

Supply voltage: 3V x 2.2Ah durability in stand by for 2 years

Stand by current: 100.43uA, Power 301.29uW

Triggering current: 19.51mA, Power 58.53mW

Current removed: 19.51mA, Power 58.53mW

Low battery threshold: when 83% of the battery (2.5V) remains

Batteries: Alkaline 2 x AA 1.5V 2.2A (LR6)

Recommended batteries: Poles, Digibraz

Working temperature: (-10 ° ~ 60 ° c)

Frequency: 915MHz

Number of channels: 43

Data transmission rate: 9.6Kbps

Communication protocol: closed

Cryptography: own

Modulation: FSK

Weight: 400g

Color: red body / smoked lid

Generation: 3

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