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Manual Alarm SOS


The SOS Manual Alarm with a trigger button is a peripheral used for round control or emergency situations, the activation it’s through a button. The small size makes it easy to carry. 

Kind: wireless with push button

Alarm indicator: trip and low battery

Led indicator: 1 red led

trigger: on

Shape: rectangular

Depth: 25 mm

Height / Width: 130 x 45mm

Degree of protection: IP40

Supply voltage: 9VDC

Battery: 9V Alkaline (6LR61)

Recommended batteries: Polos, Digibraz

Current: 0.20A

Power: 1.80W

Frequency: 915MHz

Number of channels: 43

Data transmission rate: 9.6Kbps

Communication protocol: closed

Cryptography: own

Modulation: FSK

Working temperature: (-10 ° ~ 60 ° c)

Weight: 95g

Color: white

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