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Wireless Fire Control Panel s1200 – 1; 2 Rings


Smart Control Panel with 1 or 2 rings, digital, 100% configurable, addressable and wireless communication. Fast, clean and safe installation. It has a simple operational panel. Has a lightweight box made by ABS injected under high pressure. Front Panel with illuminated display. Powered by 12v sealed battery and 100-240v power supply. Autonomy 24h without electric energy. Low operational frequency approved by the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) and test report by ABNT NBR7240-25.

Kind: radio communication and wired power

Touch: 1; 2 (configurable via software)

Alarm indicator: audible and visual

LED indicator: 1 led 10 mm transparent

red led: on + pulse (alarm) / pulse (removed)

2 leds 5 mm matte

orange led: on (automatic mode inoperative)

green led: on (central switched on)

Shape: rectangular

Depth: 75mm

Width / Length: 170 x 235mm

Degree of protection: IP40

Supply voltage: 12V battery / 13.8VDC external source (output) and 220 / 127VAC (input)

Current: 7.2A battery / 0.5A external source (output)

Power: 85mA stand by 1.02W

130mA alarm 1.56W

Working temperature: (-10 ° ~ 60 ° c)

Audio: 80dB at 1 m

Weight: 2.460g

Frequency: 2.4GHz

Number of channels: 16

Data transmission rate: 256kbps

Communication protocol: Zigbee

Modulation: QPSK

Encryption: 128bit

LAN Port: RJ45

Antenna gain: 8dBi (external antenna)

Component accessory: Guardian software

Limit: 65,000 peripherals

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