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Wireless Fire Control Panel Model S


Predictive function

Wireless Fire Control Panel Model S provides various information.

- Addressed alarms;

- Schedule;

- Login/ password access;

- Date and alert of the next review;

- Low battery alert;

- Peripheral and network status query (enabled/ disabled);

- Signal level;

- Battery level;

- Messages icon.

New display

Even easier to operate.

- Color and touch sensitive display;

- Intuitive navigation;

- Access to various information directly at the Central.


- Status of peripherals and network in real time;

- Access to message history.


Several definitions can be established according to the needs of each project.

- Addressing peripherals by division, zone, group and location;

- 5 types of alarm;

- 8 types of visual/ audible touch;

- Time variation for each type of device;

- Shooting modes;

- Scheduling for simulations;

- Support for 8 users.


It does not depend on the operating system for its operation.

- Free of updates;

- Virus free;

- Own protocol;

- Encrypted data packets;

- Signal redundancy (peripheral is not linked to just one signal router).

Extra Communications

- Smartphone data communication module (optional);

- Ethernet data communication module (optional).

Kind: radio communication and wired power

Ringtones: 5 with 8 selectable tones

Alarm indicator: Red alarm/ audible led

Shape: rectangular

Height: 39mm

Width/ Length: 140 x 172mm

Supply voltage: 3.7V battery/ 5V internal source

Current: 5.6Ah battery

Power: 3W

Working temperature: -10 ° ~ 60 ° C

Audio: 67DB

Weight: 920g

Frequency: 916MHz

Number of channels: 16

Data transmission rate: 256kbps

Communication protocol: Own

Modulation: FSK

Encryption: 128 Bits

Antenna: Internal

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