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Signal amplifier with external antenna – white


Routers amplifies radio signal and distribute data packets between peripherals and fire central. They perform many functions, including the activation of sirens, relays, strobes, adapters and any other possible contact.

The data transmition is very solid, in which its mesh topology uses multiple flow routes, automatically selecting the most efficient route. The data packets are encrypted and don’t interfere with other radio networks.

Kind: radio communication | wired power

Alarm indicator: red led

Signal level indicator: 3 green LEDs

Connection indicator: strobe green led

Shape: rectangular

Depth: 52 mm

Height / width: 120 mm x 124 mm

Degree of protection: IP40

Power supply voltage: 0.5A from 9V to 12V

Battery supply voltage: LiPo 1.8Ah

Maximum working current: 100 mA

Audio: Deltafire G3 protocol output

Maximum power source: 6W

Maximum battery power: 4.2W

Working temperature: -10 ° ~ 90 ° C

Weight: 262g (without fountain) / 529g (with fountain)

Frequency: 915MHz / 2.4GHz

Number of channels: 43/16

Data transmission rate: 9.6Kbps / 115200bps

Communication protocol: closed / Zigbee

Encryption: own / 128bits

Modulation: FSK / QPSK

Antenna gain: 8dBi

Color: white

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