Reference 444/477

Smoke Detector 2.0


Addressable detector activated by smoke, the communication and power are wireless. It has autonomy in standby mode up to 36 months and operate with AA battery.

Kind: Wireless

Mode of operation: 2 LEDs transparente

Green flash mode: normal operation

Yellow flashing 2x2 seconds: detector removed

Yellow flash mode: low battery or network restructuring

Red flashing 2x2 seconds: alarm

Red flash mode: battery critical level

Format: circular

Height: 47,47 mm

Diameter: 95 mm

Degree of protection: IP40

Supply voltage: 3 VDC

Stand by current: 1,4 μA

Maximum trigger current: 19 mA

Stand by power: 4,2 μW

Maximum trigger power: 57 mW

Battery: 2 alkaline batteries 1.5V 2.2~2.5ª type AA

Recommended batteries: Polos, Digibraz

Low battery threshold: 2.2V

Working temperature: (-10°~ +80°C)

Sensitivity: -118 dBm

Frequency: 915Mhz~928Mhz

Communication protocol: Own (Delta Fire)

Encryption: 128 bits

Modulation: FSK

Weight: 131g (no batteries)

Color: White

Battery life (approx.): 36 months (on stand by)

Manufacturer: Delta Fire

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