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The Guardião Software is used by Deltafire alarm system with the purpose to manage, operate and safeguard events.

The Guardião Software comes with a Terminal wich allows another computers connected with the same network receive information from Deltafire fire alarm system.

The information each computer receive can be parameterized in SW Guardião.

  • Store 400GB of events without overwriting (stores all event history)
  • Generates group of peripherals and routers
  • Triggers General Alarm
  • Triggers group alarms individually
  • Triggers router location message
  • Active triggers location
  • Turns off group alarms separately
  • View the network
  • View routers
  • View connected terminals
  • View occurrences
  • View Reports
  • Disarms general and / or local alarm
  • Excludes routers
  • Sends E-mail (all kind of events) 
  • Limited number of users
  • Remote maintance
  • Trigger sequence
  • User access levels (4)
  • Print Reports
  • Online Update 
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