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Year-end recess

This was a difficult and different year for all of us. Halfway through, we faced challenges that we did not even suspect could directly interfere in our lives. We got here tired, but at no time did we think about giving up. We reinvent ourselves and innovate even more to guarantee the quality of what we propose to offer: products and services in fire prevention. Therefore, in order to recover energy and continue at the same pace in 2021, we will take a partial break from our activities, according to the schedule below. Even so, we will maintain our service on duty by the numbers (54) 3204.4000 and (54) 9 9107.1830 (Support).

12/15/20 limit for requesting orders*

12/24/20 (at 10am) on the last day for issuing an invoice

12/24/20 (noon) to 06/01/21 at recess

01/07/21 to the full return of activities

* for orders placed after this date, there is no guarantee of delivery for before the recess. Consult the factory.