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Smart Wireless Fire Alarm System Deltafire

We develop a complex technology to deliver simplicity to our customers through innovation

Forget about pipes, ducts and wires. Deltafire changed the conventional model of fire alarm systems. The wireless communication system is a world tendency that aims to eliminate the physical ways of signal conduction. Computer networks and Internet access is a clear example of this transmission. This innovation eliminates the acquisition of various work materials, as well as the workforce to implement them. This way we offer a more competitive solution to our customers. The maintenance is simplified. In the conventional wired systems, micro cables can suffer over time thermal expansion causing ruptures, condemning communication in the control panel trigger. This problem becomes even worse when one does not know the location of the rupture, causing several problems for the system maintenance.

The software embedded in the control panel scans the signal communication between it and its peripherals. If there is any abnormality in the system is fired a warning alert to the control panel display to perform maintenance or so to replace any low battery. Practical workforce through a clean and up to 12x faster installation.

In some companies, for many reasons, there are changes or extensions of the layout. To these circumstances the Deltafire system facilitates the process because it requires no intervention with the works to change the signal coverage range and functioning of the system.

The transmission of data from the system is done by low frequency radio waves with capacity to expand the area of coverage by signal amplifiers (repeaters).

The frequency used in our system is approved by the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel). The control panel is compatible with a variety of sensors and peripherals certified and recognized in the market.